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» The International online summer school Mathematics is my life

Some information about our staff

Yaraslau Zadvorny, is a teacher of UNI-center-XXI. He also works at BSU, BSU Lyceum andsince 2012 is a coach of Belarusian national team at the International Young Mathematicians Tournament (the team won the 1st place in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018 and 2019). He has a degree in Math and Physics and is a judge ata number of mathematical competitions such as regional Mathematical Olympiads and the National young Mathematicians tournament. Many of his students became prize-winners of Mathematical Olympiadsat different levels up to international.

David Zmiaikou is a teacher ofUNI-centerXXI who made his PhD research in Paris (France). He is the President of organizing committee of the International young mathematicians tournament (see the website www.itym.org). He constantly works with school students of different age and level. There are many winners of different international conferences and competitions among his students.

Alexander Buslavsky is a teacher at UNI-centerXXI and BSU (Faculty of applied mathematics and computer science). He is the chairman of the jury of the national computer science Olympiadand the head of Belarusian national teams at the International computer science Olympiads such as IOI, EJOI (European Junior Olympiad in Informatics) and EGOI-2021 (European Girls' Olympiad in Informatics). The national team under his command won 11 medals per12 participants (2 of them are gold, 5 are silver and 4 are bronze) at the last three Olympiads IOI.

Andrey Ginzburg, 22 years old, isan assistant teacher at FAMCS BSU and a teacher atUNI -center - XXI. He comes from Gomel where he was engaged in Mathematical Olympiads and successfully participated in tournaments and school conferences onnational level. Now he is keen on Mathematical Olympiadtasks of different kind but his prime interest is the graph theory and the functional equations.

Vladimir Kuzmitsky is a 2nd year student of FAMCS BSU. At school he was fond of mathematical Olympiads, sports programming and successfully participated in young mathematicians tournaments including international ones (twice awardee). For two years he has been successfully directing Gymnasium No. 29 teams atyoung mathematicians tournaments in St. Petersburgand national competitions. Also he has been training students for the Olympiads of different levels. His personal quote: "I stillget special satisfaction from solving combinatory and algorithmic tasks":)

Ekaterina Moroz is a 3d year student of FAMCS BSU and a teacher of UNI-centerXXI. At school she participated in the mathematical Olympiads and was the headof gymnasium No 10 team at Minsk regional young mathematicians tournament and then the head of BSU lyceum team at the national young mathematicians tournament and atthe young mathematicians tournament in St. Petersburg. Annually she teaches teams of Mogilev region during the training course for the final stage of the national Olympiad.

Vitaly Shilo is a graduate of FAM BSU. First (2014-2016) worked as a teacher for gymnasium No. 4 in Minsk. Since 2016 he works at Gymnasium No. 29 and also is a teacher of UNI-centerXXI. As a teacher he took part in most summer Brigantine schools and TechScoutsSchool. 19 times he was the head of different teams at young mathematicians tournaments (7 times at International young mathematicians tournaments, 6 times at national young mathematicians tournaments, 3 times at St. Petersburg young mathematicians tournaments (8-11 grades) and 3 times at St. Petersburg young mathematicians tournaments (5-8 grades)) His students constantly become winners of the nationaland regional Olympiads. His favourite topics in mathematics are games theory and graph theory. His hobbies arefootball and chess.

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