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» The International online summer school Mathematics is my life

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Organizing committee announces that the registration for the 2nd Internationalonline summerschool "Mathematics is my life" has started and also notifies about the principles of its work. this year

The school is aimed at students who want to:
developtheir proficiency inMath, get acquainted with the areas, techniques and methods of mathematics beside the school curriculumand train their problem-solving skills dealing with non-standard tasks (entertaining, olympiad, research, etc.);
learn practical application of Math to solve different problems in neighboring areas such as physics, biology, economy, cryptography, etc. (including everyday life);
try to study mathematics in English;
get acquainted with new people including children from other countries!;
It will be entertaining and useful in any casebut we do not promise itll be easy!

The shift is 10 working days, i.e. two weeks with Saturday and Sunday as days off;
There are 3 classes a day, 1 hour (60 minutes) each. Two classes are devoted to some brunch of mathematics; the third is a seminar "Math in everyday life"which is conducted in the form of a short lecture on application of Math for practical task solving in neighboring areas.The draft program of the 2nd Summer online of school is available via the link 1);
Classes are conducted in groups of different levelsboth in Russian and English (there are separate Russian-speaking and English-speaking groups); Students of nearly all agesmay participate in the course (fromthe 3rdto the 11thgrade);
Daily activitiesat leisure time such as chess and other board games are provided. Different command competitions and Mathematical Olympiads are also held;
Classes are planned to be organized with the help ofDiscord platform and the virtual board of idroo.com.

The division into groups is according to the placement test results, but students are likely in most cases to change the group easily up to their preferences;
On request scientific seminars can be organized where students will be able to try research work.

For Belarusian citizens the fees are 300 rub. for a two-week shift and 180 rub. for a one-week shift.
We offer a flexible discountsystem and take into account social conditions, the amount of classes, group levels, etc.and promise individual approach in each case

References, contacts
Zadvorny Yaraslau, A1, Viber +375293302092, e-mail: yaraslau.zadvorny@yandex.ru.
Course program is available at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zV6jirHYc3Mk67HzqLIE9ZHMQr3_wLER8UH0X1XMHpk/edit#gid=0

If you want to get acquainted with the approximate way the classes will be heldyou may watch the video lesson as an example (English-speaking group, advanced level in Math):

For your information: School organizing committee and staff are the leading teachers of "UNI-center-XXI, faculty of applied mathematics and computer science of BSU and other universities. They arehighly professional organizers and participants of different activities (see below the Beginning of our Archive)

PLEASE MONITOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT Satour website www.uni.bsu.by on page International summer online of school "Mathematics is my life", or subscribe to the general mailing.
See in particular:
organizational details,
it will be possible to pay for participation in the school electronically to an account that will be published shortly,
activities for student engaging and motivation; preparation for school if required,


The beginning of our Archive, or the first online summer school (on July 13-31, 2020) in short
There were more than 80 participants in Math section and more than 40 participants in computer science section, including more than 20 Olympiad winners of regional and national levels.
We had 8 groups of different age and level majoring in mathematics and in computer science,
Daily 2 classesof 2 academic (1,5 astronomical) hours were held (the full program of the First Brigantina-2020 online school see via the link 2);
Other activities:
Two Olympiads (for beginners and intermediate students);
Two quizzes in the form of "Jeopardy game;
Game tournaments for youngsters;
On personal requesttopicsfor scientific research were offered to some students and the end-of-school conference was organizedwhere they were able to share with each other their ideas and results;
Teachers of Online summer school are experienced and active lectures and students from faculty of applied mathematics and computer science, "UNI -center -XXI" and its partner organizations (information about the teachers can be found via the link 3),
Lists of the winners (main intellectual competitions of the 1st online summer school) see link 4.

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